School–based Mental Health Services

  • The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans works with schools in the community to deliver mental health services that may be needed by students. The agency works in almost 50 schools in Orleans Parish.

Children’s Bureau is partnering with McDonogh City Park Academy (grades K-8) and Tulane University’s Department of Psychology to develop a model for a comprehensive system of behavioral and mental health support services in a school setting. Key components of this system include: full commitment and involvement of school leaders; a universal behavioral and emotional health screening; the universal implementation of a social and emotional learning curriculum that is taught by the teachers; teacher support, consultation and professional development; and the delivery of group and individual clinical interventions to students identified as having mental and/or behavioral health issues.

Children’s Bureau also has mental health clinicians who provide on-site clinical services to students who attend Collegiate Academies’ Sci Academy and Firstline’s Arthur Ashe Charter School.

Schools Served by Children’s Bureau of New Orleans

Orleans Parish

  • Akili Academy
  • Alice M. Harte Charter School
  • Arthur Ashe Charter School
  • Cohen College Prep
  • Crocker College Prep
  • Dolores T. Aaron Charter School
  • Drexel/Xavier Prepatory
  • Edgar P Harney
  • Edna Karr High School
  • Einstein Extension Charter School
  • Esperanza Charter School
  • Fannie C. Williams Elementary
  • Fischer Accelerated Academy
  • GW Carver Collegiate Academy
  • John Dibert Community School
  • Kate Middleton Elementary
  • KIPP Believe Academy
  • KIPP McDonough 15
  • KIPP NOLA leadership
  • KIPP Renaissance High School
  • Lafayette Academy
  • Lake Area New Tech Early College School
  • Landry Walker High School
  • Langston Hughes Academy
  • Lividais Middle
  • L.W. Higgins High School
  • Mahalia Jackson Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Charter School
  • Mary D. Coghill
  • McDonough 32
  • McDonough City Park Academy
  • Medard H. Nelson School
  • Mildred Osborne
  • Morris Jeff Community School
  • New Orleans Military Academy
  • Phyllis Weatley
  • RENEW Accelerated High School
  • Samuel Green Charter School
  • Sci Tech Academy
  • St. Alphonsus School
  • St. Stephens School
  • Success Prepatory

Jefferson Parish

  • Riverdale Middle School
  • Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy
  • Stella Worley Middle School